Харківський національний університет імені Василя Назаровича Каразіна

Факультет Комп’ютерних Наук

Освіта, дослідження та кар'єра у світі сучасних технологій на факультеті комп'ютерних наук

School of Computer Sciences

The School of Computer Sciences will teach you how to create large software products, design complex computer networks and artificial intelligence systems. You will learn the basics of systems analysis and applied cryptology, learn the secrets of modern programming languages and database organization. Here they will tell you how to use information technology in science-intensive industries and commercial activities, in computer support of complex economic and social systems.

The School of Computer Sciences have Bachelor’s degree program (240 credits ECTS) in the following specialties (study period 4 years):

  -Computer Science

-Computer Engineering


-Automation and computer-integrated technologies

The Master’s degree program (90 credits ECTS) is conducted in the following specialties (training period 1.5 years):                                       

  -Computer Science

-Computer Engineering


-Automation and computer-integrated technologi


The School of Computer Sciences has 5 departments:



Electronics and Control Systems Department



The aim of the Electronics and Control Systems Department is to train practicing engineers in technical knowledge and technologies of system integration, which can be applied in various fields. In this way, you can learn about different fields, such as electrical engineering and electronics, control engineering, programming language, mechanical engineering, etc., with the help of our well-balanced curriculum, from basic training to the field of application. Because mathematics and physics are very important to all engineering fields, we spend a lot of time studying these basics.

The graduate of our department is actively involved in various industries, such as electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering and information engineering.


Systems and Technologies Modeling Department


Scientific activity of teachers and students of the department is concentrated in such areas as development and research of new models, methods and software for creating intelligent information systems and technologies; development, implementation, testing and reengineering of complex software products and computer systems for high-tech branches of science and industry, in particular, in nuclear technologies, microelectronics, medicine, biotechnology, smart control systems and management of complex systems; development of Web-based and mobile information management systems and technologies.


Theoretical and Applied Systems Engineering Department


Areas of activity: training and research in the field of complex computer systems and computerized management of composite distributed information systems. Hardware and software are studied. Particular attention is paid to the study and use of modern methods of systems analysis: Mathematical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mining.


Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems Department


The Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems Department trains specialists in the design and development of artificial intelligent systems. A course of lectures of logical methods for obtaining solutions “Methods and systems of artificial intelligence” starting from the third year. Within the framework of the integral course “Theory of intelligent systems and data analysis”, lectures on the languages “Prolog” and “Lisp”, on expert systems on fuzzy logic are presented. From the third year, a systematic study of neural networks begins; for masters of the first year of study, they read a modern course “Development of artificial intelligence systems”, which covered the main types of machine and deep learning of intelligent systems. Additionally, there were courses in computer physics, alternative methods of computation, in particular, using quantum computers. Many courses of lectures are provided with teaching aids and books by the teachers of the department. Most of the diplomas are focused on the tasks of creating and using artificial intelligence.


Department of Information Systems and Technologies Security


Area of activity: training and research in the field of integrated protection of complex information and communication systems. Special attention is paid to models and methods of providing basic security services, such as: confidentiality of information; integrity of information; system availability; observation of information technology. The hardware and software of information security are studied, as well as methods aimed at preventing harm to the interests of the owner of information. Much attention is paid to the study and use of modern methods of cryptographic protection of information.

Professor Valentyn Lazuryk mailto:csd@karazin.ua

Responsible for international cooperation
Associate Professor Maksym Khruslov mailto:maksym.khruslov@karazin.ua