Харківський національний університет імені Василя Назаровича Каразіна

Факультет Комп’ютерних Наук

Освіта, дослідження та кар'єра у світі сучасних технологій на факультеті комп'ютерних наук



The Faculty of Computer Sciences will teach you how to create large software products, design complex computer networks and artificial intelligence systems. You will learn the basics of systems analysis and applied cryptology, learn the secrets of modern programming languages and database organization. Here they will tell you how to use information technology in science-intensive industries and commercial activities, in computer support of complex economic and social systems.



The Faculty of Computer Sciences has 5 departments:



Associate Professor Dmytro Uzlov mailto:dmytro.uzlov@karazin.ua

Responsible for international cooperation
Associate Professor Maksym Khruslov mailto:maksym.khruslov@karazin.ua